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Fall 2022 Episode Recap

The last half of the year, I was so fortunate to speak with knowledgeable and admirable guests for the podcast. These last four episodes were some of my most downloaded episodes. You can listen to these podcasts anywhere you stream your podcasts, on this site or by clicking the hyperlinks below.

September brought Patricia Smith from the Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project. We discussed compassion fatigue among caregivers. It’s one of those things that’s like quicksand: you don’t know you’re in it until it’s too late. Patricia had many examples and strategies for dealing with compassion fatigue before it happens and while you are in it.

October was Andi Fetzner from Origins Training discussing trauma-informed care, which can happen on both sides of the caregiving journey. Care partner and caregiver. We don’t know the trauma someone has experienced in their lives and what triggers them. Sometimes we don’t even know what triggers us.

For November, I spoke with the most compassionate soul, Naila Francis, poet, minister, and death doula about grief and the holiday season. We discussed the stress the holidays bring, the lack of understanding grievers feel during that time, and the strategies that can help. Yes, it’s okay to not do something you don’t feel up to doing. It’s even okay to say yes and then change your mind!

Finally, December brought Patti Davis where we discussed her must-read book, Floating in the Deep End: How Caregivers Can See Beyond Alzheimer’s. What always amazes me is that no matter who you are, even if you are the President of the United States, Alzheimer’s is what it is. Patti is a huge proponent of support and support groups and created her Beyond Alzheimer’s group because of her experience with Alzheimer’s.

I am grateful that these amazing women took time out of their schedules to share their wisdom and their hearts with me and my Daughterhood the Podcast listeners.


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